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Pedagogy mcqs with answers old papers for NTS,FPSC,PPSC Jobs

Pedagogy mcqs with answers old papers

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Pedagogy mcqs with answers old papers for NTS,FPSC,PPSC Jobs
Pedagogy mcqs with answers old papers for NTS,FPSC,PPSC Jobs
Pedagogy is the study of___________?

A. Education
B. Teaching Methods
C. Learning Process
D. Guiding Students

in Pedagogy computer is used to____________?

A. To motivate the learner
B. To provide feedback
C. To interact with the learner
D. For all the above

Most important work of teacher is___________?

A. to organize teaching work
B. to evaluate the students
C. to deliver lecture in class
D. to take care of children

The word “Pedagogy” means?

A. to understand the child
B. to guide the child
C. to lead the child
D. to educate the child

The philosopher who for the first time mentioned the importance of play (or sports) in education was__________?

A. Socrates
B. Plato
C. Aristotle
D. John Locke

The idea of practical learning means education should apply to the___________?

A. practice
B. society
C. abstract knowledge
D. real world

The concept of perennialism in education means school curricula should focus on what is___________?

A. important
B. everlasting
C. in demand
D. in need

Progressivism believes that education comes from the experience of the__________?

A. child
B. teacher
C. principal
D. society

The branch of philosophy focuses on the nature of reality is_________?

A. Connectionism
B. Epistemology
C. Metaphysics
D. Pedagogy

The skill when students try to build abstract knowledge is called___________?

A. originating
B. characterizing
C. evaluating
D. synthesizing

An assessment use to determine a person’s ability in a particular field of studies is called_________?

A. aptitude test
B. diagnostic test
C. evaluation
D. measurement

Which act of teacher foster a sense of autonomy in the learning process?

A. instructor
B. facilitator
C. delegator
D. formal authority

A teacher is considered successful only if he_____________?

A. Understands his subject well
B. Gets his articles published in popular magazine
C. Gives 100% examination result
D. Is gentle and easily approachable

Before accepting the teaching profession one must know:

A. The duty of the teachers
B. The pay scale of teachers
C. The future prospects of his profession
D. The benefits available to teachers

Women are given preferences in teaching of primary children:

A. She is emotionally understanding
B. She can also cry
C. Students don’t get scared
D. Men don’t like this profession

The use of internet for students in their educational activities is in your opinion:

A. Takes the place of the teacher
B. Medium for good teaching
C. The wastage of precious time
D. Good medium of entertainment

The teaching approach in which students share knowledge with other students through a variety of structures, is known as:

A. Cooperative Classroom Model
B. Cooperative behavior Model
C. Cooperative Learning Model
D. None of these

When students are asked to leave the classroom to observe events organisms and objects in their natural surroundings the teacher is actually using _________strategy to teach them?

A. Field Observations
B. Field trips
C. Class observation
D. None of these

Traditionally the cards with a question, problem, or fact on one side and the answer or a related fact on the other side are called:

A. Observations Cards
B. Placards
C. Flash Cards
D. Note cards

In education, __________ is used to make inference about the learning and development of students?

A. assessment
B. evaluation
C. measurement
D. diagnosis

Educational psychology is concerned with the scientific study of____________?

A. education
B. philosophy of education
C. human learning
D. teaching methods

Progressive education emphasizes learning by___________?

A. reading
B. writing
C. doing
D. enjoying

According to famous philosophers, teaching is a/an__________?

A. art
B. arts
C. science
D. technique

Discovery teaching is actually a___________?

A. Positivist approach
B. Dialectical approach
C. Constructivist approach
D. Destructive approach

Teacher reads aloud to the class to improve students:

A. Feelings about reading
B. Pronunciation
C. Comprehension
D. All of these

Reading or looking at material quickly to gain an overview of the content is the reading technique called:

A. Silent Reading
B. Skimming
C. Scanning
D. None of these

When instruction is delivered by a person close in age or achievement to the person receiving instruction, the process is known as:

A. Individual tutoring
B. Peer Coaching
C. Peer Tutoring
D. None of these

In a round table discussion the participants ____________ discuss topic among themselves and with the audience.

A. Originally
B. Informally
C. Formally
D. None of these

The use of technology to enhance learning process is called __________ in education?

C. Information technology
D. Communication technology

Which from the following should be used to decrease minor inappropriate behavior?

A. Praise
B. Reward
C. Ignorance
D. Strictness

As people grow older, the __________ of learning declines?

A. speed
B. power
C. quality
D. quantity

According to John Dewey, which side of the educational process is the basis?

A. economical
B. sociological
C. philosophical
D. psychological

The role of teacher in inquiry-based learning is of___________?

A. instructor
B. facilitator
C. delegator
D. formal authority

In cooperative learning method, the role of teacher is of__________?

A. facilitator
B. delegator
C. facilitator and delegator
D. delegator and formal authority

Dialectic method of inquiry was contributed by___________?

A. Socrates
B. Plato
C. Aristotle
D. John Dewey

The psychomotor domain involves___________?

A. learning
B. knowledge
C. manner
D. physical movement

Progressivism believes that children learn in a/an____________?

A. closed environment
B. competition
C. isolation
D. community

A normal human being has ________ senses?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

The idea of teaching the whole child in the “philosophy of pragmatism in education” means teaching students to be good_________?

A. learners
B. thinkers
C. scientists
D. citizens

Which from the following is NOT among the five senses?

A. vision
B. touch
C. smell
D. thought

The curriculum of educational institutes should be based on__________?

A. theory
B. practice
C. theory and practice
D. theory, practice and research

The application of ideas, knowledge and skills to achieve the desired results is called___________?

A. problem solving
B. critical thinking
C. reasoned arguments
D. deductive method

Teachers should present information to the students clearly and in interesting way, and relate this new information to the things students:

A. don’t know
B. already know
C. willing to know
D. not willing to know

The field of study concerned with the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making is called___________?

A. Education
B. Pedagogy
C. Cognitive Development
D. Epistemology

The process of reasoning from one or more given statements to reach a logically certain conclusion is called___________?

A. Deductive Reasoning
B. Inductive Reasoning
C. Qualitative Reasoning
D. Quantitative Reasoning

Education is a process in which knowledge and skills are transferred?

A. from a few persons to few persons
B. from a few persons to a large number of people
C. from a few persons to the next generation
D. from a generation to the next generation

A Priori knowledge is knowledge that is known independently of_________?

A. analysis
B. information
C. experience
D. evidence

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